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Admin on 12/23/2008 at 7:07pm (UTC)
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By Fedor,

Great to be back to the forum! Gonna skip all the introduction and go right to the review.

Long story short, I received my M201 & 402 almost 2 weeks ago from a Chinese supplier that you can find here:

They arrived in a week and let me start with the box. The 201 has a standard box, much like the generics. The 402 has a very beautiful and classy box that appeals to me very much. I like black and white combos.

I charged both and the instant i used them, i was very surprised especially by the 201. Vapour production is equal or slightly better than the normal 801 (when new) but the difference is in the drag and hit! The drag is super easy. Just like blowing a whistle. I'm not exagerating. The hit is really good even with medium carts. There is no need to do the primer puff at all and in fact, it does not even help when you do a primer puff. Every drag is consistent and produces the same vapour and hit with only slight variations.

The atomiser is a different design (refer to my post with pictures). The atomiser has 4 holes but the 4 holes are bigger than those of my 801. Even the batteries has numerous holes. I identified 2 holes on the threaded line of the battery (the part where you screw in the atomiser) and a few more holes at the battery end. I think this is the reason behind the easiness of drag. In comparison to my 801, the whole unit looks much sturdier and material quality seems to be much better.

Battery lifespan is noticeably longer. I only need to change batteries twice in a day and i smoke heavily. This is for the 201 and even with the 402, the battery lasts much longer than i expect. My e-cig is with me more than my mobile phone. I have my own office and it was retrofitted with an exhaust fan to cater to my smoking habits in the past. So this tells you how heavy a smoker i am. Also, with an office to myself, i can smoke all the time without going out. I think the long battery lifespan of both models can be attributed to the easy drag and consistency of the hit and vapour. It seems that without primer puffs and the need to take long hard drags, it might take less toll on the battery.

Also, there is NO cleaning cycle!!! Of course, unless the cleaning cycle takes more than two weeks to arrive. Then i might be wrong.

I drip on their carts and it works great. They don't sell liquid now but told me that they will soon. The penstyle has always had a problem of liquid not being vaporised up to the end. This is a marked improvement in this department. While it is always better to top up at the slightest hint of dryness, i have found that i was able to smoke till the fibers pretty much turn white on several occasions. I notice it helps to save liquid because no liquid is wasted on primer puffs.

The 402 deserves another mention. It totally blows away my 901 and 103. Although it is unfair to compare it with the 901. The size is just plain sweet. I am showing it off at every opportunity. Battery life is much longer than my 103 and unless I am imagining things, can be compared to my 901, even when it was new. I fill the carts with liquid and make sure i drip a little on the atomiser each time i top up. It produces much more vapor than my 103 and matches my 901 pound for pound. Hit is good and drag is easy. It does not have the problem of 901, where you have to constantly top up. One top up lasts quite long, considering that the fiber in the cart is microscopic in size.

And now, for the disadvantages. Both models cut off when dragged more than 5 seconds. And when they cut off, there is no blinking like what i'm used to. It just cuts off. I was told that it cuts off for 2 minutes but it seems lesser. It is REALLY annoying at first but come to think of it, you don't really need to drag for a full 5 second with these two. The vapour and hit is satisfying after a 3 second drag. It was more of a habit for me so once i got used to it, it became less of a problem. There is also a slight hissing sound on the 402 and a slight vacuum like sound on the 201 but does not bother me at all.

Also, the parts are not interchangeable. Its expected of the 402 but it is too bad for the 201. I have so many 801 batteries and atomisers as well as chargers. What am i gonna do with them now? The batteries seem to fit the charger but i did not want to take any risk since the battery looks different. Others can try and let me know. Another rant on the 402 is that it takes many turns to screw it into the atomiser and charger.

This is about all i have for now. I just ordered another starter kit for the 201 and 402. Actually wanted to just get the batteries and atomiser but since it would not save me much and shipping is a flat fee, i thought i might as well get the kits with chargers.

I don't know much about writing reviews so please go easy on me. Let me know if i missed out anything. Will update along the way. On a last note, this two e-cigs really kicks *ss.....
Comment posted by Sculsiplini, 12/26/2013 at 12:09am (UTC):
Comment posted by wegster, 06/27/2009 at 5:16pm (UTC):
The M201 is a *great* e-cig, anyone thinking of a penstyle should get one. Also very happy with the M401, although I have 'better' ( a few bigger, more throat hit like the 510), the M series is great. I still use my M401 whenever I want a hassle free quick vape session, or dipping (not dripping, just dip the wick into some e-liquid, let it absorb what it wants, good for 10-12 sold great drags).

The M201 I use any time I'll be mobile, with better battery life than my 510s, and nearly the vapor and throat hit.

In the current versions, neither batteries (M401 or M201) seem to have the cutoffs any longer, which is great.

I'm very happy with both, and either one is a good e-cig for people to start with, the M401/2/3 because it's so much sized like a regular cigarette and still performs well, and the M201 for hassle free, and better than the DSE801 (although it *looks* identical, it is not).
Comment posted by e-cigger, 04/18/2009 at 3:49am (UTC):
I ordered the M-402 based on your review on the e-cig forum, and I have to say you are 100% correct. Great e-cig and company.




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